What does AR Personal Fitness stand for?

AR coincidentally is the initials of the Director of the company Ashley Reid but the actual definition of the AR stand for ACTUAL RESULTS

What are your prices and why are they not advertised?

We run our business with our clients around the clock with our 24 hr contact number, to contact us when ever they need advice, help with food choices when out eating, or anything in general related to diet, fitness or their training programme. The reason it is not advertised is because each package is completely different to the other, depending on the clients needs. For example the hourly rate for the bridal package if purchased with the add on of the groom wouldn't be the same as a one to one pricing, as a package they wouldn't be paying a fixed price per session. They would have a discounted price as we wouldn't have to travel or pay for parking elsewhere as we would do the sessions in one location.

Are the Personal Trainers at AR Personal Fitness fully qualified?

Yes we are all qualified personal trainers with all the correct certificates and in date paperwork, as well as the right qualifications we are all fully insured and our director who will be more on hand with most clients is also a qualified First Aider.

​How soon after giving birth can I start training?

It is very common for women to start training within 2 weeks of giving birth. If you had to have a c section or had a complicated birth it is best to speak to your doctor who will be able to advise you on when you can start an exercise programme, but is safe to start within a couple of days if you feel ready.

How soon after giving birth can I join a gym?

Gym training is different to the programmes we offer, a gym session would include heavier lifting less body weight exercises therefor putting more stress on your body so we would advice anywhere between 4-6 weeks, 8 if you had to have a cesarean.

​What types of exercise are safest during exercise?

We don't offer a exercise programme for during pregnancy but safe options during pregnancy would be more brisk walking ,swimming and body-weight squats on a yoga ball.

​Why do you not offer a training programme during pregnancy?

The simplest answer and most honest answer is simply because as you can see from the list above the exercises are very simple and we wouldn't have you waste your money when it could be spent on the little ones arrival. :)

Are you on social media?

Yes and all social media links are on the bottom of our home page.

When is AR Personal Fitness launching?

We have already launched as you may of read in the about us section but we are bringing our fitness team to Kensington and Chelsea January 2019.

Can I sign up now to start in January?

Sure you can just click on the sign up tab and leave your contact details and email and someone from our team will be in contact with you.

​How often do I need to train?

It really depends on the individual, to see and feel a change we would recommend no less than 3 times a week. But again it all depends on the individual and more so their goals.