One to one includes much more than you would expect from a usual training session for example : workouts will be written specifically for your targets and goals (not one workout suits all) as well as your training session whether it be twice a week four times or six days a week before every workout we will go over your diet i.e what you have consumed that morning or day. we will also write you up a diet plan give nutritional advice and have a debrief after every session. Next is something we offer  as part of all our packages that seems to be a bit of a niche in the market today, its what makes us different as we put the 'personal' in personal training . Once signing up to AR Personal Fitness you will be given a direct hotline number to us which you can communicate to your trainer 24 hours a day, around the clock assistance in a nut shell. We believe as your personal trainers our assistance isn't for the 45 minutes or hour and a half we are with you, may you need help with a food choice while out with your pals or have questions on your rest day why wait until the next visit. Around the clock assistance for your around the clock fitness and transformation.